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Judges will vote on the overall creativity and artistic merit of the video entry, and how well the video represents Beddys. The grand prize winner will receive $10,000. A second place winner will receive $1,000 and a third place winner will win $500. For more information about the contest or to upload a video, visit https://beddys.com/pages/10k-video-contest . For more information about Beddys visit https://beddys.com/ . ABOUT BEDDYS Beddy's are one-piece high quality bedding sets that zip-up so you don't have to fumble around bed posts or walls. Even kids can make their beds in 10 seconds or less with our patented smooth zipper technology. Thousands of happy customers would tell you they love their Beddy's. From the quilted 100% high-quality cotton exterior to the incredibly soft minky interior, Beddy's are made from the best materials from head to toe.

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